Tuesday, January 4, 2011

House Mouse Birthday

Good morning everyone!
One of my goals this year is to keep up on all of my birthday cards. I seem to run out just as soon as I make them. I am going to try and make a couple birthday and a couple Christmas cards each week so I have a good supply of them year round...and ready for Christmas when it gets here again..now lets see if that really happens. Sometimes life just makes up it's own mind!
For my card today I have a darling little house mouse card. This guy is just a little stinker holding the tack ready to pop the balloon and wake up the adorable sleeping mouse. I think in the end, he will be good and not really do it though :)
I love all of the colors in this card too. I copied them from the stamp itself, I was feeling a little color challenged today, so it made it easy for me! My paper is party wishes from KI memories. I was so smart last time I was in Achivers I remembered to pick up some birthday paper..since I am always complaining with the 1000 plus sheets of paper around here, I can never find just the right one. So now...for a while anyway, I have a little birthday stash to work with.
I hope you enjoy the day today and maybe find the little silliness inside yourself too..just like our stinker of a mouse!

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