Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Big Thank You

Hello again blog hoppers!
First of all, sorry for the photo. The lighting is horrible in my home tonight so it really doesn't show it's true colors to well. I will try and get a better one soon :) (This is an updated photo, just not sure it's much better!)
My day four thank you project is another card. I pulled out some of those fun dollar stamps you know we all hoard! I used some very vanilla and crumb cake card stock. I colored with simple coloring and added a few strips of pattern paper scraps. 
I actually wanted to keep this one pretty simple but I couldn't manage to keep it flat...I tried but that little hippo BEGGED me to pop her up!!! I love it anyway and will gladly spend the extra twenty cents to send it through the mail!!!
I hope you love it and keep coming back to see more thank you projects this month!!!!!
Thank you as always for stopping by <3 p="">

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