Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Katie!

Can you believe it's been 11 days since I have posted? This is just crazy! First I was sick, then I had to catch up on a few leftover projects and now finally I had a free day to myself. Amazing feeling! I love being the PTA president at my daughter's school, but this is the busiest time of year and I am looking forward to when they get out to relax and enjoy the summer!

My fabulous daughter is turning 13 tomorrow. Yes, her golden birthday on Friday the 13th! I am sure it will be nothing but good luck and good wishes! I was happy to tie her birthday card in with my squiggle stamps design card! This was actually my first ever squiggle stamp and I use it all the time. I used it for christmas and now more birthday goodies! Its great when you can just chnage the colors to make it all brand new! If you want her for yourself, head on over to the squiggle stamps online store. Click here to get gifts galore or click here and just browse around and get lost in all of the fun designs!

I filled up my card with lots of extras..bling and layers and lots of embellishments..and added a bunch of glitter of course :)

Come on over to the squiggle stamps blog and find all of the amazing artwork the design team is coming up with. Pick up something new for yourself!

Have an amazing day everyone!

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