Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy new year to everyone. The new year..or should I say new DECADE brings so many new wishes and dreams for me. Dream #1.. I am starting today with this brand new blog. I have been wanting to build my own blog for about two years and now I felt it was the right time to begin. When you come here, I hope you will find inspiration and maybe a few new fun techniques you haven't seen before. I am always looking to try new things, I will do my best to bring you detail about all the projects I post here.

To all of my family and cyber friends..Happy new year and good health and happiness in the new year to come.


  1. Hello Deb!
    I can't wiat to see what all you come up with to put on your new blog!
    Good Luck with it!:)
    ~Vicky/Lavenderblue :)

  2. To my Dear Schatz.

    You've Finally done it. You never seem to stop amazing me.

    Love you much.

    I am sure this will be filled up rather shortly. Just more stuff for you to do and more importance for me to keep your aging PC running.

  3. Congrats on the blog Deb!!!! Have fun with this!!
    Heather RDH

  4. Congrats Deb, it will be fun to follow you this year. Chris/BeachBum